She said she wants to write more


Before entering 2017, I have an-old-resolution-that-never-realized-even-though-it-has-been-said-for-zillion-times, which is : do write more.
I admit that I'm not a good writer even though I've been strolling around here for about 9 years. You can see it from three perspectives such as : content, systematically, and consistency.

Talking about content, apparently this blog is only for private consumption (read : me and my overthinking disease). I still have no consent of how to share a good quality content for you, the readers. There's time when I have a thought to change the appearance and content of this blog completely, but seeing you bloogy, I could reflect how I've been growing up together with you since the very start of my post. So for the content itself, I'll stay with whatever it is coming from my mind. This is my area anyway.

Moving on to the next part (I'm eyeing you dear grammarnazi!), it's true that writing is my weakness (read : crappy-grammar and the oh-so-lame-vocab). There's time when I wrote the post very carefully just to make sure that there's no mistake esp in grammar, but in the other time (and most of the time), I just write it freely -just like now. Well, I need to practice more and more. So please bear with it if you find it annoying when you read some errors there or there.

The last part is the one who rules. Consistency.
For the two things I mentioned before, actually I can handle it with consistency. I'll find the pattern about content and practice to write by writing in consistency. I even targeted for at least write one post in one month, so I'l have remarks about what happened to me in every months. The perfect plan goes like this : One post a month, one post a week, one post a day. For posting something everyday, I think I'll flood you up with unimportant things, bunch of unclear ideas, or ends up with just posting a picture and a quote that represent my mood that day (which reminds me about my Tumblr account). But I'll try! (<-- this kind of statement that you've already heard for ages).

So to wrap this up, I, once again, want to try to live you up again because you've already cowering in the army for the past years. Let's lighten up together and make this as a perfect momentary of us. Give me a high kick, bloogy!

Unrelated snapshot just to make this post looks lively.

p.s. I want to tell you something that you wouldn't like this for sure. For a moment I want to change your domain address into another name (don't hit me yo) but maybe I should keep it later. Today Flavour is not bad for something created on 2007, right? :p

p.s.s. I'm not double checking so spit it out, grammarnazi. With pleasure!

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