Low Boundary, High Tranquility


Half year is welcoming you already.
Are you still on the path that you think it's right? Or you realize that you've been walking on the track that you think it's wrong?
When you got the answer, will you still go straight or turn your back on?
Then when you go with your assured way, are you feeling insecure?

This is about how you set a low boundary to get the high level of tranquility.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't have a very high expectation among things around you, but, trust me, for specific things happens in your life -- you may thought that it would be better to keep it low.

I'm not saying that keeping it low would be easy, yet sometimes it hurts more and you have no other choice rather than doing it as normal as possible. (Wo-hoo I smell faker...no?)

By setting your level of boundary in low position, you won't expect something that you really want to expect but has minus level of possibility.
In the end, you'll consider it as an extra if it surpassing your boundary.
And you'll be happier, besides getting the tranquility.
Isn't that great?

N-level for keeping it low

p.s. Note for people who have weak level of tolerance and strong demand of being a self-centered, I'm sorry but we're at the different side of handling something like this.

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