Basically you just need a distraction


When suddenly it turns to be cold or your body start to heating up for things you can't adjust or tolerate, basically you just need a distraction.

Let's say, if there's one scene that I never want to be happen is happened..
The possibility about me thinking, "Amnesia would be a better option for this," is approximately 98 %.
Wait, am I starting to precise it out?
And wow, that's kinda high tho?
Such an avoider.

But the womb is also know that you can't be suddenly Amnesia and everything will be a happy calming end. You know what, just go with another option : find some distraction. 

Talking about distraction, usually I put my feet on the dance floor but I need longer time to distract. So, I try to find a new one (in which I die to select what kind of activities)

As you know that I'm not a good cook, ..yet, ...maybe, but I'm not that lame too. I love seeing people cooking something and loving it more when they documented it properly also makes it looks so tempting until I wanna try it (and ends up with burning my kitchen down --BOOM!) (but still, food macro-photography would save it all)

I'm trying some new (super simple) recipes out there (read : instagram) as my distraction. The more I need distraction, the more I cook until the very late night. I did that several times with theme #Edible and posted it on my Snapgram.

That kind of recipe you'll find on the back of Blueband's packaging

They thought it was pork noodle...

Literally Chicken & Lemon. Please don't judge me.

And that was it.
Yes I knoooooow that all of it is just a very berry merry super simple recipe, but learning won't stop here. (inda sick of seeing any quote about learning --side eyeing the job)
As the theme, it's still edible enough and I guarantee that you're not going to be poisoned. Unless I want to, lol.

Maybe I'll routine this up so the cooking itself could level up from "Distraction" to "Routine".
In which I should look for another distraction.
Any advice of doing what?

p.s. For delivering that foodies above, my kitchen is (still) safe. Bless me

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